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Extrusion World Cut to Size Glass is the latest addition to the Extrusion World family. They aspire to supply the  best quality standard glass cut to specification on request of their clientele. Should you have any glass cutting needs Look no further than Extrusion World Cut to Size Glass…

Extrusion World has had many years of experience in supplying the Aluminium Industry of South Africa. Importing through Simplicity Import and Export since 2007. Its focus is to supply aluminium profiles in various finishes; Powder Coated, Anodised or in its natural Mill state. We carry various Accreditation Certificates and Guarantees ensuring our supply is of superior quality. Our aim and main focus are to continue with a strong supply of superior quality products far and beyond our imagination.

Extrusion World Special Moulds has been Supplying the signage world and the gutter industry with top quality aluminium profiles for quite a while now. If you are looking to get “connected”, then look no further…

Life Tribute: In loving memory of Willie Wentzel (Founder)

The Life and Times of Willie Wentzel

September 8, 1966 - August 9, 2015

Born in the sleepy town of Philadelphia, Willie was one of 4 kids of the Wentzel family. He attended his tertiary studies at ‘Goudmyn’ and finally Graduated in 1984. His passion for business kicked in at a very early age; pushing him toward Real Estate. This was not to be his ultimate business venture though. In 2014 Willie founded Simplicity Import Export CC and through this; Extrusion World had come about. His hard work and dedication saw the extension of Franchises across South Africa. Extrusion World has excelled through the years while Willie maintained an immaculate relationship with his Chinese suppliers.

Willie Wentzel was well known for his very jovial, charismatic approach to life, teaching his children; Ruan and Karla to always appreciate and enjoy life to the fullest. Willie educated and skilled both his kids and today; both Ruan and Karla have adopted his fierce passion for business, taking Extrusion World to the next level. His love for adventure and thrill saw him make many trips to the Great ‘Karoo’ (Tankwa). Sadly, Willie Wentzel was to enjoy his last ride on the 9th August 2015.

Willie’s legacy continues to grow from strength to strength and while he is sadly missed by his kids, Ruan and Karla, his family and friends………………IT IS WELL, because in the true words of the late legend……

“Als is net lekker” (Willie Wentzel)

Willie Wentzel 08/09/66 – 09/08/15

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